Owl & Hitchhiker



The hunt for The Smoking Caterpillar begins at The Owl & Hitchhiker

Various dates from Sunday 27th January (multiple start times)
Tickets from £19.00

This brand new immersive game debuts at the Holloway Road pub, bringing a combination of immersive theatre, escape rooms, and murder mystery. Guests will be competing, cooperating, trading, bribing and blackmailing their way through characters, clues and contraptions as they hunt down The Smoking Caterpillar. 

Multiple teams play at the same time, with 25 people or more exploring and solving over the hour-long game.

Teams are welcomed by The Baron, a gambler and lover of golds who warrants hunters of the Smoking Caterpillar with a permit to bribe, blackmail and steal in order to find him and bring back his golds. They’ll also mix with characters like Beadle Dum, who lost his marbles at a particularly mad Mad Hatter's party, Poppy Stamp, the bashful beauty with no tongue, and Tumeric Gin, the alchemist who works for the Baron to create golds. 

Will the teams discover Beadle's lost marbles? Poppy's tongue? Tumeric's yearning for true happiness? 
Or will they simply serve the Baron's Wonderland wealth?
Anything can happen in this game without frontiers, and often does.

If you hunger for curiouser and curiouser interactive theatrics, enlist your team for the hunt. 

Limited spaces available.