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you lucky ol’ sausage you.

who care’s about sausage’s, all we care about is you.

check back here regularly for special drink and food deals and special event ticket prices.

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£3 craft cans

every week we have “can of the week” for £3 for owlbie card holders.

£15 bubbles

Get all bubbly any day of the week. £15 bottles of Cava. Yum

2-4-1 g&T’s

Tanqueray Gin’s on buy one get one free.

20% off thursdays

20% off all food and drink* every Wednesday and Thursday.


  • Drink’s Deals are only availble Mon - Thu.

  • Drink;s Deals are only availble on a Friday ‘til 8pm.

  • *2-4-1 G&T’s, £15 bubbles and £3 craft cans are exclused from the 20% off on a Thursday.