Owl & Hitchhiker

sunday 10th february 2019 - 730pm

the big ol’ friends pub quiz

So no one told you life was gunna be this way? [pause for claps]

Comedian, Andrew Silverwood hosts the first of a monthly superfans quiz at The Owl and Hitchhiker.

Are you a Chandler or a Joey? Is it OK because they were on a break? What are they feeding Smelly Cat?

Spot prizes, themed mini rounds and dress up encouraged. This is the ultimate fan's quiz!

Usual pub quiz rules apply. £3/person, up to a team of six or two points 
deducted per player above that. No phones, cheaters may be drop kicked.


things occurring

We could just rely on selling delicious food and drinks to a lucky Holloway Road. But we don't. Instead, we put on a whole bunch of fun stuff for you to get involved with. Because we're not your favourite pub for nothing, right? Details to follow, but meanwhile check out the sorts of records our weekend DJs are going to be playing.  

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